This meditation is for the people of Nepal and India suffering from today’s earthquake.

I am one with all, one with love, dear Oneness, dear Holy Love. I breathe slowly and open to all that is. I breathe slowly and allow thoughts to dissolve. I breathe slowly. I melt into all that is. I melt into the One.

I am that crushed snake. I am that bleeding dog. I am that stunned taxi driver. I am that moaning woman. I am that screaming child. We are one. I breathe slowly and deeply. This is real. We are one. We are The One.

May you whose legs are crushed under a wall receive comfort. You are not alone. Even if you taste only grit and dust and see only horrible blackness, even if the pain is so bad that you vomit, you are not alone. We are here, we are all touching you in the field of love. We are one with you.

I lie next to you and keep you warm. Your terror, your pain is known and understood, and things are changing every second. May your pain be less. May your breathing hurt less. May there be a light that astonishes you. It is possible.

May the rescuers work quickly. May the strong men lift the bricks quickly. May help come in time. May there be fuel for helicopters and trucks and ambulances. May there be oxen or horses that can pull a cart. May the generators at the hospital work today. May the doctors and nurses have enough meds for the pain, enough blood for transfusions, enough antibiotics to stop wound infections and stomach infections from broken wells and water pipes.

May there somehow be water clean enough to drink. May there be tarps and roofs to shelter from the rain. May wounded animals find a place to lie down. May there be enough shawls and blankets that trembling women and men and shivering babies can all stay warm. May there be enough food.

May strangers help in surprising ways. May the greedy give money away with a smile. May enemies soften their hearts.

May love expand today.

May you who can barely breathe feel the touch of the angels. As your body relaxes and gives up its form, may your spirit clasp hands with Joy. May the radiance wrap its arms around you. May your family sense that you are safe at home now.

Hope is possible, even today.

I am one with you. We are all together in love. Take my hand, dear stranger. Let me hold you close. You are not alone. You and I are one. Lean against me and rest. There is hope. We are One.

— by Jean Gendreau,

[copyright 2015 by Jean E Gendreau]



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