It is winter in Narnia, and I am as old as Mrs Beaver. The prisoners at the castle got turned to stone, and even good Mr Tumnus serves the White Witch because he wants to survive. The talking animals now live deep in the woods because there is no safety in the towns. It is always winter and never Christmas.

The ice keeps building until even in the deep woods, the snow isn’t soft any more. While Mr Beaver takes down young aspens along the river to builds his dams, Mrs. Beaver works at her sewing machine. She sets this color against that and holds it up in the afternoon light. Bright colors against the snow remind her of something old and good.

The door opens. A strong draft makes her shiver as Mr. Beaver stomps in, shaking the snow off his fur.

“I’ve had word,” he says. “Aslan is on the move.”

Out of the corner of her eye she sees movement. Outside, a tiny bird hops on a branch.

She pushes her sewing aside and stands. “I thought we would never see it. I never thought I should live to see this day.”

Hold this moment in your heart. Never forget that even the White Witch can lose her hold over Narnia. Even when the cold freezes our tears, we must keep our hearts alive and warm. Like Mrs. Beaver, we will turn to each other and say, “I never thought I should live to see this day.  And now it has come.“


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