Below are links to some of my guided meditations. Writing a guided meditation just for yourself can be a very powerful tool for growth.

Here’s the basic template for writing your own guided meditation:

1. Intention: What’s your hope? What do you intend for the world with this meditation? A common intention is “May I heal so I can help others better.”

2. Relaxation: Take the time to breathe deeply and really relax. It may take 5 minutes or more.

3. My Own Safe Place (optional): For many people,seeing themselves in a secret, safe place opens them to  growth.

4. Affirmations (optional) : Positive “I” statements replace any negative thoughts. For example, “I open to the mystery of God’s love.”

5. Images for Growth and Open Space for Meditation: Using your main image, rest and breathe deeply, letting your mind go quiet. If thoughts bubble up, just notice them and let them go. Your goal is to rest in the space between the thoughts.

6. Giving Thanks: Say thank you for whatever growth has come.


Sample of a Personal Guided Meditation


“The Garden” Guided Meditation: Opening to the Mystery of God’s Love


Here are two wonderful meditations from class members “H” and “C” .

by “H”


by “C”


© 2017 by Jean E Gendreau

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