Far beyond me

deep inside me

glimmers, shimmers, shines a song —

a silent song that sings of love.

It comes from far away,

from the place where hope begins.

I can’t grab it and put it in a cup.

I can’t write it on a piece of paper.

I can’t even sing it for you

because it has no sound.

But I can hear it clearly

when I breathe out and you breathe in,

when I breathe for you and you breathe for me.

There are bells, drums, footsteps, heartbeats,

Loud songs, wild songs, heart songs, death songs…

Angels twirling all around me!

Life shouts out loud, calls out the song.

My heart drums an answer,

And I dance along.

When it’s loud, I clap at the thunderclaps.

When it’s quiet, I rustle in the whispering leaves.

And I’ll tell you a secret…

I can hear whenever the song ends.

When I am quiet enough

I can hear a baby’s eyes closing

on the other side of the world.

I can hear roosters pecking and jeering

at dawn on a dusty road.

Mother hums as she kindles the morning fire.

If I am quiet enough

I can feel heavy warm rice filling my mouth.

Father kneels in the dirt, thanking God,

as Mother fills my bowl again.

Sometimes, all I can hear is myself

and the sound of walls around me.

I think the song has stopped.

The music is over. I will never dance again.

But after a while,

far away, beyond the wall, I hear it.

The song has moved on, as it does.

It must be mine

because I remember the new words.

It never went away.

The wind’s touch,

the moon’s smell,

your breath on my cheek,

your hand holding mine —

Everything sings the forever song.

There is a shining.

I can hear it

gleaming along until it ends,

and you and I begin again

with the next verse.

by Jean Gendreau

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